New from the demented mind of Phil Condit of Sick Puppy Pictures, HAPPY ENDING, is a sexy, funny, scary, sci-fi film, which is currently in pre-production.














LOGLINE: An alien predator escapes from a top-secret military base in the remote desert and invades a nearby bordello forcing the working girls and their Johns to fight for their lives - and humanity’s survival.

The exotic and alluring Ange Maya, who played the titular role (so to speak) in Sick Puppy's first feature, Empress Vampire (AKA ALETA VAMPIRE MISTRESS), returns to play Madam Wang, the proprietess of MADAM WANG'S HOUSE OF HAPPY ENDING.

A crowd funding campaign has been launched featuring DVD presales and some great prizes including copies of the script, autographed 8"x10"s of the cast, live streaming from the set, and even a walk on role as a "John".

The crowd funding campaign has ended, but you can still buy amazing merchandise and swag from our store. Every purchase not only buys you some cool stuff, it also gets us closer to our goal of shooting this movie!

Visit our FACEBOOK page,, for the latest news and information. Investors welcome.

Dan Coplan, Dustin Hubbard, Tobias Fleischer, Emily Fiora Parks, Bill Houskeeper, Ron A Ovadia, Jennie Swardh, Angelina Leon, William Leon, James G King, Greg Dyro, Paul Currier, Austin Sheeley, Paige Morrow Kimball, Paul L Synuria II, Alana DiMaria, Nancy P Condit, Peter Davidson, Brian Herskowitz, Richard Southard, Nickole Rinde, Gary Casey, Guy Hedderwick, Paul F Heising, Lucas Marlone, Carl Anderson, Erik A Williams, Jared Bonshire, Bert K Havird, Anthony Butler, Emily T Condit, William H Light, Doris Williams, Larry (Lawrence) Fleming, Dawna Lee Heising, Mike A Chinea, Keith Makenas, Rebecca Honett, Cathryn Smith, Hache L Jones, Michael Baumeister …

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